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Likes are the main form of currency on Instagram. Without them no account would be successful and be able to flourish. Getting likes is the key to Instagram success, but over the last few years it has become increasingly more difficult to get more and more likes. Why? Firstly, because of the completion. Instagram now has nearly 750 million users, and most niches are saturated, meaning it is extremely difficult to break through. And secondly, because Instagram has changed its algorithm and altered how the feed works, making it much harder to get likes. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a complete newbie to Instagram or a seasoned pro, there are always things you can do to increase your traffic, followers and ultimately number of likes. 

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The Number 1 tactic for more Instagram Likes - Hashtags

Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags, everyone loves a hashtag. Some love them a little too much - known as hashtag spam - but done in just the right amount they can work wonders for gaining more followers and ultimately more likes. That being said, it is a little bit more difficult to have instant success since Instagram altered their algorithm, but there are still numerous hashtag related tactics that you can use to boost your like count. One word of warning however. Since Instagram changed their algorithm it a lot easier to get ‘shadowbanned’, so always be careful with the amount of hashtags that you use per post. From research it seems that between 11 and 13 is the optimal amount, and anything over 15 is considered spammy, and the more spammy something is the fewer likes it will receive.

1) Research: Using random hashtags is not a particularly useful tactic, so instead you should be finding out the best hashtags related to your post. To assist you in doing this there are several online tools that will locate this information for you, in addition to checking out the strength of those particular hashtags (the stronger the hashtag the better). In addition to using automated tools you can also search manually by locating other content that is performing well and seeing which hashtags have been used. Doing this isn’t an exact science and it is always a case of trial and error, but once you’ve figured what works and what doesn’t you’ll be armed and ready to gain more likes than ever before. 

2) Tagging: Many people underestimate the power of tagging. It is not surprising that this is the case as tagging will often not have immediate effects, however it will have long terms effects and boost your authority and trustworthiness in the eyes of Instagram. Try to tag your content with accounts within the same niche - particularly authority accounts that have many thousands (or even millions) of followers. By doing this you also increase the chances of your post appearing on the explore page, which will not only boost your overall reach, but also the amount of traffic and potential interaction with new followers.

3) Shadowbanning: Due to the sheer amount of spamming that took place on Instagram, they decided to clamp down massively and had a huge clean up and removed fake followers, accounts, likes and even banned those who were too trigger happy with hashtags. Don’t fall foul of these new rules. It is easy to want to cover as much ground as possible, however being over eager with your hashtags can have a negative effect. Between 11 and 13 hashtags per post and no more. 

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